It's time Georgia listened to you.

It's time to bring politics down to the people, instead of leaving it up to the politicians.

I'm Thomas and I'm running to represent Georgia's 40th state house district.

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Want to know what I believe? Watch me lay out my thoughts below.

Who does your vote belong to?

For as long as I could remember, politics was someone else's problem. All of that changed two years ago, when my wife and I had our first child. Our daughter brought our future - her future - into sharp focus. What kind of world would she grow up in? What opportunities would she have? And what could we do about it? I wanted desperately to be hopeful, but I couldn't shake the low-key horror I felt as I watched our democracy burst at the seams. If you're like me, you're tired of calling and writing senators and representatives who seem to have plenty of time for wealthy donors, and no time left for the voters who backed them. Why doesn't our government work for us? How did we get here?

Business interests have always been a powerful force in our politics. But over the past 30 years, big businesses have grown unchecked. Amazon, Walmart, Facebook, Apple, BlackRock, Tyson Foods, and John Deere (to name a few) have destroyed healthy competition, cratered local businesses, and pitted our communities against each other. Worst of all, they've cut all of us off from our elected representatives. No matter who you vote for, the big businesses win. When companies grow too big, they invariably become too big to fail, and the rest of us have to pay the price.

I'm not a career politician. I'm a father, a husband, a software developer, and an aspiring entrepreneur. I'm not interested in playing political theater, and I'm not interested in winning if it means turning my back on the people I represent. I just want the same things you do: a government that puts its people first. Your vote should belong to you.

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I want you to think about the last time you went to the voting booth.

Did you recognize the names on the ballot? Did you know what any of those people stood for? Did you know if your vote made any difference at all? If you didn’t, I get it.

Georgia's politics are intentionally designed to keep everyone but a select few disengaged. I'm vowing to change that, and in order to do that I'm making a promise to you:

What I stand for

You need a state representative who stands firmly for democracy and the people.

That means standing for affordable housing, better education, reproductive rights, LGBTQ+ rights, a living wage, and universal access to childcare. Many elected representatives don't do their part, and instead blame "the other side" for their failures. Not me. I will tell you what policies I'm trying to pass, how they will help you, and whether I succeed or fail. No excuses, ever.

You need a state representative who listens.

What happened the last time you called a state representative's office? Did you reach an answering machine? Maybe you tried to leave a voicemail, only to hear that the "subscriber's inbox was full". That won't happen with me. I'm going to host weekly "ask me anything" sessions, where you can drop in, share your opinions, and learn how the State House affects you.

You need a state representative that lives and works in your community.

My family and I live in District 40. The decisions I make on your behalf will affect me the same as they affect you. I will never push policies that I wouldn't want for my own family.

You need a state representative who asks the right questions.

If you're like me, your email and text messages are full of elected representatives asking for your donations. What if they asked for your thoughts and opinions instead? That's what I'm going to do. I will ask you for your input before I vote on policies that affect you.

You need a state representative that can't be bought.

I'm not a career politician. I don't need to stay in office to pay the bills, and this campaign doesn't rely on contributions from special interests or corporations. I'm interested in representing you, regardless of your party affiliation, or the the company you work for.

You need a state representative who helps you engage.

You probably want to make positive change in our community, but don't know where to start. When I started this campaign, I had no idea either. It turns out that there are a lot of motivated people just like you - but it's hard for them to find each other. I will help you reach out and gauge community support for the changes you want to make.